Keys Marine Lab Rate Schedule

NEW RATES: effective January 1, 2019

To claim tax exemption, you MUST provide a State of Florida Tax Exempt Certificate (DR14).  The billing address provided MUST match the address on the Tax Certificate. 

Current KML Rates (PDF) and all current Forms can be found on the FORMS page on our website

Dorms - Short Term (per night)

Dorms - Long Term (per month*; not pro-rated)
 *call for discounted rates bundled with boat use, dockage, or seawater sytems use

Day Use (not staying on site) - approved projects
seawater systems use not included

Classroom/Meeting Room 

$45 per night per person
Bay House - minimum 2 week booking, nightly rate

$800/month - one person (monthly rates not pro-rated)
$350/month each additional person in group; no split billing

$50/day - up to 3 people
$18/day for each additional person in group

half day -  $75     full day - $150
KML Seawater Systems: see current KML Rate Calculator for pricing, submit Seawater Use Request Form (SURF) 
     ​*​​​​​​call for availability*

     Well System (temperature controlled) 

     Bay System (ambient Florida Bay) 

     Mesocosm (ambient Florida Bay) - 122,000-gal, 4' average depth 

Boat Support (includes operator) plus fuel - billed at direct cost 
Full Day:
Half Day:  

Over 6 hours:

6 hours water time 

3 hours water time (over 3 hrs billed at Full Day rate)

$90/hour (Island Hopper)     $60/hour (all other vessels)
please schedule extended hours with staff prior to field work
30’ Island Hopper
"R/V Diodon"
24 person capacity (22 students + 2 operators) $590/full day; $350/half day
25' Parker
"R/V Mola Mola"
10 person capacity (9 scientists/students + 1 operator) $265/full day $160/half-day 
new 25' Parker
"R/V Opah"
10 person capacity (9 scientists/students + 1 operator) $265/full day $160/half-day 
18' Parker
"R/V Nari Nari"
5 person capacity (4 scientists/students + 1 operator; max 750lbs.) $195/full day $105/half-day fuel included
Self-Captained Boat Use
Near-shore, approved research groups only; call for certification requirements
6 person capacity (max 750lbs.), $135/full day, $75/half-day + fuel
2 person capacity, $75/full day, $50/half-day + fuel
Boat use is subject to weather conditions, availability, and KML staff discretion.
Staff Support: $40/hr
     project support, dive support, administrative support

Facility Tour (by appointment):  $50/hr     

SCUBA cylinders (approved AAUS divers only):
     KML cylinder $8/day     air fill only $5/cylinder (current VIP & hydro)

Specimen Collections: call for estimate; **current permits & IACUC approval required**

Other Amenities: additional fees for other consumables may apply; weekly or monthly rates not pro-rated
Boat Ramp (in & out)

Daily Trailer Only Storage:

​Boat Dockage

includes trailer storage


$30 (includes1-day trailer storage)

$6 per day

$3 per foot per day

$4 per foot per week (not pro-rated)

Boat Storage (on trailer) - pre-paid monthly; not responsible for damages or hurricane prep
Daily Rate:  $1 per foot total length per day

Monthly Rate: $15 per foot total length per month (not pro-rated)

Transportation (staff hours additional):   $0.60/mile - truck only   OR   $0.90/mile – towing vessel
Common Dry or Wet Lab Use: 3 feet/person included in dorm fee
Extra Bench Space:   Dry Lab $1.25/foot/day     Wet Lab $1.25/foot/week

Dry Labs #1 or #2 (Exclusive Use):   $22/day     $300/month

Equipment Storage:
Temporary: pre-arrival (A/C, secure):   $0.30/cubicfoot/day
    Long-term: (ambient only, lockable) - not pro-rated
         Rubbermaid Shed: 48 cubic feet (2’ x 4’ x 6’):   $30/month
         Metal Shed: 360 cubic feet (6’ x 10’ x 6’):   $250/month

Please consult with KML Operations Manager prior to arrival if you require additional services not listed here

**Official invoices are processed after departure and mailed from USF/FIO St. Pete offices. Preliminary invoices available from KML office, please schedule charge review appointment with office prior to departure**