Drylabs Top Photo
The Dry Lab & Classroom building is centrally located in the middle of the KML compound, between the Boat Marina and the Wet Lab Pavilion and Seawater system. Click here for an inventory of all the equiptment and glassware available in the dry lab facility. The Dry Lab building is fully air-conditioned for your comfort and has an attached computer lab with PCs, wireless internet, and printers (paper not supplied) as well as restrooms for your convenience. Please notify staff if you will be bringing any chemicals on-site. We request that you log in all chemicals at arrival, label and store them safely, and take them with you upon your departure. Click on the photos below to enlarge.

Common Dry Lab has been totally refurbished and is equipped with a de-ionized water station, assorted electronic balances, compound and dissecting microscopes, new -80 So-Lo Freezer, fume hood, tabletop centrifuge (15ml), and assorted glassware (inventory).
Students can spread out and utilize nearly 48 linear feet of bench space (12’x4’; 7’x2’, 8’ x2’, 9’x 2’) in the Common Dry Lab for examining specimens and running experiments. The new -80 freezer is visible behind the center bench.
The fume hood in the Common Dry Lab space.
Research Lab I (7’ x 20’) long narrow private lab area, windows over-looking the boat marina, 30’ of bench space, common refrigerator/freezer for storing specimens (no food).
Research Lab II (10’ x 12’) private lab space, 15’ of bench space, sink, wet table 23” x 6’ x 10” deep – or may be covered and used as additional bench space.
Research Lab II set up with a wet table.
Floor Plan of the Dry Labs and Classroom building showing the location of the labs, classroom, computer lab, and restrooms.
An ideal setting for meetings and more formal lectures, the air conditioned Classroom is equipped with blackboards, a projector for PowerPoint presentations and overhead projector.
Display cases containing a variety of marine life are there for viewing. Hanging from the rustic exposed beams are school pennants from visiting groups. Be sure to add yours to the collection!